The Clothes Line Project on April 7th at Gallaudet University 6:30pm-8:30pm: End the Abuse Now!

Share stories of empowerment, hope, abuse and despair by expressing your feelings and experiences through your own art on t-shirts. The purpose of this project:
* to bear witness to the survivors and victims of DV/SV
* to help with the healing process
* to educate, document and raise society's awareness of DV/SV
* to provide a community network of support, encouragement and information.

Contact us for more information and details about location at

[image description: Purple box on far left side with text inside box " April 7" followed by a purple and teal ribbon. Far right side is a black and white image of three shirts on a clothesline- the 1st shirt says "Break", 2nd shirt "The", and 3rd shirt says "Silence". Text surrounding this image says "the Clothesline Project" Bottom half of flyer has above introduction text in purple box. ]