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Transcript: Hello everyone,

I am Maribel Gárate chair pro tempore of DAWN’s Board of Director. My name is Jennifer Heiser. I am also a member of the Board of Directors. We are also two of the co-chairs for BOOTS 2017. The reason for this vlog is to inform the community that unfortunately we must postpone BOOTS from June to the Fall.

BOOTS is an event that aims to raise awareness. It is valued by the community but also it is a fundraising event. For the past 7 years, the funds collected from BOOTS ticket sales, auction items, and more important our community sponsors has helped cover many of the expenses needed to provide services for survivors in the DC Metro area. Without this community support, DAWN cannot meet the increasing demands for service.
We want to thank all the people who bought tickets and let you know you will be receiving a refund. We also want to thank our sponsors who made initial commitments to support the event.

We hope that when you see the new date you will buy tickets again. It will be announced soon.

Thank you again!