Our Programs

Through public speaking, events, and educational materials, DAWN aims to reduce or even eliminate domestic and sexual abuse in DC’s Deaf community. Our outreach touches people of all genders, ethnicities, ages, and sexual orientations. We often tailor our message to issues that specifically affect each group. The following are a few of our targeted programs.

Youth Program
Adults age 18 – 24 are at the greatest risk for intimate partner violence. DAWN is particularly focused on educating college-age and young adults. We work closely with Gallaudet University and host events and meetings for Deaf students so that they can learn what constitutes abuse and how to identify and prevent it.

Hearing Community
It is important that the hearing community also recognize and know how to react to abuse in the Deaf community. Doctors, lawyers, police officers, and teachers are an integral part of survivors’ resources. Members of the hearing community may have a Deaf relative or friend who is abused. These groups may be called upon to help a survivor or prevent abuse. DAWN conducts events and distributes educational materials to arm the hearing community to endow them with the right information.

Men & Boys

Men and boys are integral in ending violence in the Deaf community. Working with Men Can Stop Rape, DAWN focuses its educational outreach on teaching males how to identify abuse and act against it. Our work consists of various designs such as speaking engagements, events, workshops, distribution of materials and providing resources.