Our Staff and Board of Directors

We are advocates, domestic violence/sexual violence survivors, volunteers, and leaders who share a common language, American Sign Language (ASL), and together, we strive to end abuse in the Deaf community.

All services provided from DAWN are free and confidential.

Shazia Siddiqi, Executive Director, shazia@deafdawn.org

Liza Mercado, Empowerment Advocate, liza@deafdawn.org

Bregitt Jimenez, Advocate/Outreach Coordinator, bregitt@deafdawn.org

Board of Directors:

Maribel Garate, Chair pro tempore, maribel@deafdawn.org

Charles Sterling, charles@deafdawn.org

Steven Titlebaum, steven@deafdawn.org

Stephanie Kesterke, stephanie@deafdawn.org

Kitty Monahan-Sewell, kitty@deafdawn.org

Kristine Gauna-Day, kristine@deafdawn.org

Jennifer Heiser, jennifer@deafdawn.org

Kriston Pumphrey, kriston@deafdawn.org

Bethany Anderson, bethany@deafdawn.org