Our Staff and Board of Directors

We are advocates, domestic violence/sexual violence survivors, volunteers, and leaders who share a common language, American Sign Language (ASL), and together, we strive to end abuse in the Deaf community.

All services provided from DAWN are free and confidential.

DAWN Staff:

Shazia Siddiqi, Executive Director, shazia@deafdawn.org

Liza Mercado, Empowerment Advocate, liza@deafdawn.org

Najma Johnson, Advocate/Outreach Coordinator, najma@deafdawn.org

Jason Weiland, Deaf Men As Allies Project Coordinator, jason@deafdawn.org

DAWN Board of Directors:

Maribel Garate, maribel@deafdawn.org

Charles Sterling, charles@deafdawn.org

Steven Titlebaum, steve@deafdawn.org

Jennifer Heiser, jennifer@deafdawn.org

Loretta Roult, loretta@deafdawn.org

Jessica Gabrian, jessica@deafdawn.org

Malibu Barron, malibu@deafdawn.org

Katherine Giles, katie@deafdawn.org

Maegan Shanks, meg@deafdawn.org

Concetta Pucci, connie@deafdawn.org

LaToya Plummer, latoya@deafdawn.org

Talia Dagan, talia@deafdawn.org